Most women complain about this one thing about Men.

Way of Men

I am generally quite curious about how world of women functions.

Invariably I keep asking questions to women who I often end up in a conversation with.

One of my all time favourite question is, “what is one or few things you don’t like about your Man?”

More than 90% of time the answer points to one word in different form and that is EGO.

Specifically women who are in long term committed relationships.

Ego and Men are literally synonymous for most women.

Ego arises or operate through different forms via Man.

As men’s fundamental need is Approval from other men, ego does what it can to make sure nothing comes in the way to get that approval or rather no disapproval.

And so the underlying emotion ego operates is through fear.

To give few consistent examples which I have gleaned over few years.

A man saying to her woman,

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